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Molecular Sieve HT-55
Molecular Sieve HT-55 can be used for drying and purifying gas containing strong acid pollutants like H2S、HCl、Cl2 ect.. It has been proven to have a long service life with a predictable and economi...
Molecular Sieve 5A-PSA
The effective pore opening is 5 Angstrom.With good adsorptionselectivity and high adsorption speed,5A-PSA is used for O2generation,H2 generation,CO concentration and Coal Chemical Industry. 5A-PSA-H2 i...
Molecular Sieve 3A
The effective pore opening of molecular sieve 3A is 3 Angstrom. It adsorbs only water.By pore optimization, our product is with high adsorption speed,high crush strength,long life time and anti-contami...
Molecular Sieve 4A
The effective pore opening of molecular sieve 4A is 4 Angstrom. It can adsorb water, methanol,ethanol,sulfur compounds, carbon dioxide ect. It can be used for various application. Item Unit Shape Beads...